Jackie Alpers

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook 

Recipes Inspired by the Dutton Family Ranch

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The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook has 100 recipe creations and recreations inspired by the people and places of  America's most popular TV show, Yellowstone; from the Dutton family home and the bunkhouse, to the rivers and great open range of Montana, to the Texas ranchlands, recreating recipes from the hit series and both prequels; 1883 and 1923. 

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook is a meticulously researched love-letter to the Yellowstone universe — All of the recipes and visuals were created as a homage to the three shows. I tracked down props and recipes and ingredients native to the region that are historically, culturally and regionally accurate.  

After watching every episode in the series, I realized that Yellowstone is as much about the real cost of getting people fed, and the stewardship of the land used to raise crops and animals for food as it is about the compelling characters.
The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook celebrates the growing popularity of Western Americana in food culture. Interest in the myth and history of the American West is booming as a result of Yellowstone and the show's two historical based prequels. The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook not only celebrates the show, it educates the reader on the region, culture and history, and ranching lifestyle.

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"Packed with mouthwatering recipes and extraordinary photography, The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook is a one-of-a-kind celebration of America's favorite TV show!"

Reviews and Accolades: 

"The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. It celebrates the show and the ranching lifestyle it portrays. There's information about creating a more sustainable kitchen. 'One of the cornerstones of the show is the stewardship of the land and how ranching has evolved in keeping the region,' Alpers explained. She also includes tips on throwing the perfect Yellowstone-themed gathering and looks back at some of the series' best food moments. And woven throughout the pages are fun trivia notes about the history and culture behind some of the dishes and cooking tips." ~ Wide Open Country

The best fall cookbook for holiday giving ~ Bookshop.org

The New Old West: Ranch Recipes Inspired by the Hit Series ‘Yellowstone’ – "The dishes, perfect for show bingeing (or anytime, really), range from hearty comfort food fare to open-fire cooking to soups and stews. Alpers' favourite? “Train Station” Funeral Potatoes (darkly named for a reason), which is a creamy concoction of potatoes and cheese." ~ Zoomer Magazine

"Today we unpack the idea of cowboy food and its role in ideas of the north and southwest of America, how food photography and recipe creation can tell a story about not just what you see on tv but deepen the social and geographic landscapes of recipes, and why having the unofficial and official Yellowstone cookbooks coming out in close proximity to each other isn’t as bad a situation as one might think!" ~ Anthodish Podcast

"This unofficial Yellowstone cookbook offers up fare one would find at at ranch, cattle drive, or glamping site." ~ Parade Magazine

The Dutton family home is the hub around which the recipes revolve and dishes like Train Station Funeral Potatoes and The Roosevelt Lodge’s Baked Beans rely on the convenience of a kitchen oven. Others, like Corn Masa and Sage Dumplings in Partridge Soup, incorporate wild game from hunting while considering Indigenous traditions. Alpers cooks salmon on a stake over open flame and wraps prepared whole trout in foil for cooking on a grill. ~ Christina Mueller, Food Writer

Recipes In The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook Include:

The Best Salisbury Steak in Montana

Campfire-Brewed Coffee

Bunkhouse Steak and Eggs with Mushroom Gravy

Sheepherders’ Hors d’Oeuvres

Smash Burgers with Bourbon Braised Onions

Deviled Egg Potato Salad

Lucky Cowboy Caviar

Stetson Salad with Dutton Family Ranch Dressing 

Triple Chocolate Flourless Cake With Fudge Frosting 

And much, much more!! 

Texas Style Breakfast Taco

American Photography 39 Chosen Winner

Hot Honey Bacon

Pink Lady Food Portraiture Shortlist

Crispy Grilled Doves  (Birds of Peace)

American Photography 39 Chosen Winner

Bunkhouse Pan-Charred Peanuts In The Shell

London Photography Award Gold Medal

Yellowstone Biscuits Recipe

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook - Sneak Peek! 

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook - Revealed! 

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook author Jackie Alpers with the Bee's Knees Cocktail from 1923

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